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Virginia Small Business Financing

The Virginia Small Business Finance Authority (VSBFA) is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s economic development and small business financing arm. This organization helps Virginia’s new, existing, and relocating businesses with direct loans and lender credit support. The VSBFA has no grants but adds value by helping the Commonwealth’s financial institutions offer business loans that, absent VSBFA involvement, would not be made.

VSBFA’s portfolio of financing programs assists in the following areas:

  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT by offering direct loans for permanent working capital, equipment, and owner occupied commercial real estate in conjunction with bank and other financing, to businesses, localities and Economic Development Authorities (“EDA”’s) for projects of all sizes. For qualifying projects, loan amounts of $500K to $1M.
  • SMALL BUSINESSES bby making it easier for Virginia’s financial institutions to make loans to small businesses by offering loan guaranties and cash collateral to reduce a lender’s risk. For qualifying projects, support of $500-$750K.
  • EXISTING BUSINESSES by providing small dollar ($10-25K), 48 month financing to businesses that have been in operation for at least 2 years & whose owners have good personal credit.
  • SMALL, WOMEN, & MINORITY-OWNED (“SWAM”) BUSINESSES by working in partnership with Virginia’s banks and credit unions to provide loans to these businesses.
  • LICENSED CHILD CARE CENTERS & FAMILY-HOME PROVIDERS by extending low-interest, direct loans for materials, equipment, supplies, and buses to start up and existing businesses. Maximum $150K per location for centers & $10K for home based providers.

For more information about this authority and its programs please visit:

hampton roads chamber of commerce thomas nelson community college small business association george mason university