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Tidewater Business Financing

Tidewater Business Financing Corporation (TBFC):  This Norfolk-based company specializes in financing loans under the Small Business Administration’s 504 Loan Program.  While there is a bank loan component to this vehicle, it is listed here because of the non-bank funding aspect of this product.

Borrowers using this loan program have the ability to:

  • Purchase land or an existing building,
  • Build a new facility or renovate an existing one,
  • Make site improvements, finance soft costs and professional fees and
  • Purchase large machinery or equipment

The loan is structured by a bank or other lender financing 50% of the project cost which entitles them to a first lien position on the assets financed.  This loan is a current market rates and fees for their share of the project.  Tidewater Business Financing Corporation finances up to 40% of the project cost and takes a second lien position while the small business owner provides a down payment that can be as low as 10%.

TBFC can be reached at (757) 623-2691 or by email at

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